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  • Haruno Sakura

    Not Pictured: Ino getting a violent nosebleed in the background.


    Been reading a lot of Sakura fic lately.

    Cut The Head Off The Snake by itsthechocopuff, where Sakura does a little time travel and goes into ROOT.

    Snow Storms and Snake Wine, by writer168, where in a very different Elemental Nations, Sakura, Hidan, Deidara, and Kisame end up trapped in a small cabin in a snow storm together.

    Fandom: Naruto
    Characters: Haruno Sakura

    Fanart for CrispyJenkin's Dha Kar'ta, a delightful Jango/Obi-Wan fic where Obi-Wan ends up with a lightsaber that's a bit more of a Darksaber.

    This scene, where Quinlan comes to visit Obi-Wan where he's holed up with his Grandmaster Dooku, got stuck in my mind. Then I ended up drawing a whole ROOM and having to decide what Castle Serenno would have for interior decoration. (I settled on pseudo-art nouveau, because Dooku and the DRAMA) 

    Also the gaiwan and teacups are in the House Serenno colors -- lavender and dark red. :D

    Fandom: Star Wars
    Characters: Quinlan Vos

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